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Welcome to The Ice Plant, in Long Island City, Queens NYC!

Owned by Adam Zirkin & Wayne Silver, The Ice Plant was tailored to our needs and workflow by world-renowned architectural acoustic design firm Francis Manzella Design, Ltd. Our 1600 square foot space is a comfortable, creative, and vibey environment, capable of tracking anything from overdubs to voiceovers to full-band live performances.  Our studio features high quality construction, a spacious and great sounding live room, iso room, and a sunlit lounge that overlooks Manhattan.

We have 32 channel recording capacity, An API console, a wall of analog outboard gear, and perhaps the most extensive guitar, amplifier, and keyboard collection anywhere.

Conveniently located right off the 59th Street Bridge and the Long Island Expressway (and we have FREE garage parking!), near the 7, E, G, N, Q, & R subway lines.  We are easy to get to from anywhere in New York.

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