1890’s Bösendorfer Grand Piano Rebuild

After many years in Florida, our very old piano did not adapt well to its new climate here in New York.  As a result, the pinblock began to break, many tuners couldn’t hold, and the soundboard cracked as well.  So the time has finally come to restore this antique instrument to its full glory.  Below are some progress photos, with more on the way as they come in.

pianorestore01Case prepped, ready to drop in new soundboard.

pianorestore02Soundboard clamped in.

pianorestore04Clamps removed, soundboard (Sitka spruce) in.

pianorestore03Closeup of decals, just like the old one.

pianorestore05_filterNew pinblock installed – Delignit beech, imported from Germany. 21-ply.

pianorestore06_filterPinblock closeup.

pianorestore07_filterOriginal harp, refinished.

pianorestore08Before/after color comparison.


pianorestore09 sqpianorestore10 sqHarp installed and leveled.


pianorestore11 sqGetting strung up.

pianorestore12Fully strung.

 pianorestore13 sqAction installed.

pianorestore14Logo applied.

Bosendorfer finished

Finished, in studio, tuned up, and ready to record!